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See the following table for your section. Players are sorted by their ratings with withdrawn players intermingled. Each row shows a player's information, colors/opponents & cumulative results for each round, total score, and place. Note that the current (partial) round is shown but it is not included in the total and place.

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Wall Chart: Open: Round 5 (final): 2019 Texas Senior Championship
#Name/Rtng USCFSt/TeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot 5Plc 5Award
1Miguel Medina PazTXW12B7W4B2W54.51Texas Senior Champion
IM 2420159822311.
2Ernesto L MalazarteTXB13W8B3W1W43.53
NM 2180135179501.
3Mark W DejmekTXW26B9W2B6W103.54
NM 2177123503201.
4Gregg StanleyTXX27W28B1W15B23.55
NM 2155104004811.
5Donald FlournoyTXW16B22byeW25B14.02
C1 1951114067511.
25Martin Gordon [WITHDRAWN]TXB17byeW6B5--2.525
C1 1884124063321.
6M Joseph KennedyTXW18B23B25W3B123.57
C4 1849100205221.
7Stephen W JacksonTXB19W1B13byeW163.58
C2 1774121148301.
8Juan Carrizales JrTXW20B2W11B9B153.56
C2 1679126209821.
9Delbert Tal AreaTXB21W3byeW8B183.09
C2 1600124997401.
10Charles R DavisTXW22B18W23byeB32.517
C2 1600125614070.
11James BulgerTXB28W24B8W22W132.514
C3 1550155859880.
12Ross Evan JohnsonTXB1W17byeB14W62.511
C3 1533127559680.
13Thomas E CraneTXW2B20W7X28B112.510
C3 1531128364620.
26Duane Earl Solley [WITHDRAWN]TXB3W19byeB16--1.526
C2 1515124849280.
14Gary E CobbTXbyeW15B24W12B201.522
C3 1510127590660.
27Michael Ir Tucker [WITHDRAWN]TXF4--------0.028
C4 1491129376580.
15Don DuganTXbyeB14W28B4W82.512
C4 1451125758880.
16Anthony E GordonTXB5W21byeW26B72.513
C4 1396104302590.
17Robert A StrykTXW25B12byeW19B222.515
C4 1300125080470.
18John Francis BoldwayTXB6W10B21W23W92.018
19Christopher Joseph WoodTXW7B26W20B17B241.521
20Robert A. GreenTXB8W13B19W24W142.516
21Steven DahlstromTXW9B16W18byeB231.023
22David Alan GrossTXB10W5byeB11W171.520
23Ross Lynn Leone JrTXbyeW6B10B18W212.019
24Wallace B ShortTXbyeB11W14B20W190.524
C3 796122288200.
28Jeff L Youngblood [WITHDRAWN]TXW11B4B15F13--1.027
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