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See the following table for your section. Players are sorted by their current standings after the given round. Each row shows a player's information, results for each round, total score, tiebreak values, and Pair number (rating order). Results for each round show each game's result and the opponent's rank in this table. Common game results include W = Win, D = Draw, L = Loss, X = forfeit win, F = Forfeit loss, B = full-point Bye, H = Half-point bye, and U = zero-point bye. Tiebreaks (TB) are calculated to determine the first among equals, essentially who had the hardest opponents. Tiebreaks are needed only for indivisible prizes like trophies; money prizes are split. Swiss System tournaments with tiebreaks often use M = Modified median, S = Solkoff, C = Cumulative score, O = Opposition's cumulative score, and Z = coin flip (random number), in that order. The first four are standard USCF tie breaks without using speed playoff games, but playoff games are often used among perfect scores. If the standard tiebreaks fail to break the tie, then either Random (Z) is used in the last round or Pair number is used before the last round. For more details on these tiebreak methods, see This tournament's individual standings with post-tournament ratings are also provided at, but it does not use the official tournament tiebreaks, instead using post-tournament ratings to break ties.

See for an online version of this page with instructions.

Standings: Open: Round 5 (final): 2019 Texas Senior Championship
#NameSGrUSCFRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot 5TB MTB STB CTB OTB ZPairAward
1IM Miguel Medina PazM159822312420W11W8W5W3D24.514.016.514.552.016569502101Texas Senior Champion
2Donald FlournoyM114067511951W13W20H-W25D14.011.511.512.537.013947553905
3NM Ernesto L MalazarteM135179502180W10W6W4L1D53.514.516.512.551.58590892492
4NM Mark W DejmekM123503202177W26W9L3D7W173.512.514.511.044.014329396033
5NM Gregg StanleyM104004812155X28W27L1W12D33.512.512.510.541.06854924
6Juan Carrizales JrM126209821679W16L3W14D9W123.511.514.010.040.51205939648
7M Joseph KennedyM100205221849W18W19L25D4W113.511.012.511.037.518655924336
8Stephen W JacksonM121148301774W21L1W10H-W133.510.510.59.529.53876174967
9Delbert Tal AreaM124997401600W23L4H-D6W183.
10Thomas E CraneM128364621531L3W16L8X27D142.58.512.05.538.020279388013
11Ross Evan JohnsonM127559681533L1W15H-W22L72.57.512.07.034.5161570938012
12Don DuganM125758881451H-W22W27L5L62.56.510.09.030.567684106615
13Anthony E GordonM104302591396L2W23H-W26L82.
14James BulgerM155859881550L27W24L6W20D102.
15Robert A StrykM125080471300L25L11H-W21W202.
16Robert A. GreenM124027931165L6L10D21W24W222.
17Charles R DavisM125614071600L20W18W19H-L42.
18John Francis BoldwayM125942871251L7L17W23W19L92.07.511.05.032.538793645618
19Ross Lynn Leone JrM13382728890B-L7L17L18W232.
20David Alan GrossM159418701069W17L2H-L14L151.57.511.56.030.5103626405622
21Christopher Joseph WoodM148761131192L8L26D16L15W241.57.511.02.525.0187181562819
22Gary E CobbM127590661510H-L12W24L11L161.
23Steven DahlstromM165312971075L9L13L18B-L191.
24Wallace B ShortM12228820796H-L14L22L16L210.
25Martin Gordon [WITHDRAWN]M124063321884W15H-W7L2U-
26Duane Earl Solley [WITHDRAWN]M124849281515L4W21H-L13U-
27Jeff L Youngblood [WITHDRAWN]M16839035UNRW14L5L12F10U-
28Michael Ir Tucker [WITHDRAWN]M129376581491F5U-U-U-U-
Recent Pairings Wall Chart
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