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See the following table for your section. Players are sorted by their ratings with withdrawn players intermingled. Each row shows a player's information, colors/opponents & cumulative results for each round, total score, and place. Note that the current (partial) round is shown but it is not included in the total and place.

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Wall Chart: Open: Round 4 (not finished): MHCC January 2019
#Name/Rtng USCFSt/TeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Tot 3Plc 3
1Jesse James LozanoTXbyeW8B9W42.52
NM 2284129370110.51.52.5 
2Donald FlournoyTXB10W6W12B72.05
C1 1950114067511.01.02.0 
3John Paul Hyltin [UNPAID]TXbyeW13--B121.512
CM 1941103992890.51.51.5 
4Martin GordonTXW11B7W6B13.01
C1 1861124063321.02.03.0 
5Brian C SmithTXB13--W14B161.510
C1 1796125386250.50.51.5 
6Hector Flores JrTXW14B2B4W82.03
C2 1791126581921.02.02.0 
7David A KennedyTXB18W4B10W22.04
C4 1689122399401.01.02.0 
8Jaime EstradaTXW19B1W11B62.06
C2 1617126256741.01.02.0 
9Robert Boyd SkipperTXbyeB16W1B171.57
C2 1592124532980.51.51.5 
10James BulgerTXW2B19W7B141.013
C3 1584155859880.01.01.0 
11David Pacheco IIITXB4W20B8W191.014
C3 1544137319910.01.01.0 
12John H Graw JrTXbyeW17B2W31.58
C3 1418124544840.51.51.5 
13Ed F PaulTXW5B3--B150.517
14Aadhi KannanTXB6W18B5W101.015
15Shaumprovo DebnathTXbye--B17W130.519
16Joel Adrian SalinasTXbyeW9B20W51.511
17Steven DahlstromTXbyeB12W15W91.59
18Wallace B ShortTXW7B14W19B200.020
C3 904122288200.00.00.0 
19Scott A GoeldnerTXB8W10B18B111.016
20Yakshwag Reddy RajuTXbyeB11W16W180.518
Recent Pairings Individual Standings
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