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See the following table for your section. Players are sorted by their current standings after the given round. Each row shows a player's information, results for each round, total score, tiebreak values, and pairing number (rating order). Tiebreaks (TB) are calculated to determine the first among equals, essentially who had the hardest opponents. Tiebreaks are needed only for indivisible prizes like trophies; money prizes are split. Swiss System tournaments with tiebreaks use M = Modified median, S = Solkoff, C = Cumulative score, O = Opposition's cumulative score, and Z = coin flip (random number), in that order. The first four are standard USCF tie breaks without using speed playoff games, but playoff games are often used among perfect scores. If the standard tiebreaks fail to break the tie, then either Random (Z) is used in the last round or pairing number (random) is used before the last round. For more details on these tiebreak methods, see

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Standings: Open: Round 2 (not final round): MHCC December 2018
1IM Miguel Medina PazM159822312434W9W62.
2NM Gregg StanleyM104004812156W10W72.
3Benjamin RomoM9147142401927W11W82.
4Joel Adrian SalinasM128784591002H-W121.
5NM Jesse James LozanoM129370112283H-W191.
6Martin GordonM124063321863W13L11.
7Hector Flores JrM126581921804W16L21.
8Jaime EstradaM126256741617W17L31.
9John H Graw JrM124544841441L1W171.
10James BulgerM155859881423L2W161.
11Ed F PaulM127078031267L3W151.
12Scott A GoeldnerM12760646806W15L41.
13Aadhi KannanM5157326931184L6W181.
14CM John Paul HyltinM103992891941H-U-
15David Pacheco IIIM137319911561L12L110.
16Steven DahlstromM16531297982L7L100.
17Wallace B ShortM12228820938L8L90.
18Jon Anthony BushmanM16843178298U-L130.
19David Cheyney [HOUSE]M110234521913H-L50.
Recent Pairings Wall Chart
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