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See the following table for your section. Players are sorted by their ratings with withdrawn players intermingled. Each row shows a player's information, colors/opponents & cumulative results for each round, total score, and place. Note that the current (partial) round is shown but it is not included in the total and place.

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Wall Chart: Open: Round 2 (not final): MHCC November 2018
#Name/Rtng USCFSt/TeamRd 1Rd 2Tot 2Plc 2
1Martin GordonTXB5W32.01
C1 1931124063321.02.0
12Mark Harden [WITHDRAWN]TXW6--0.012
C1 1925103998910.00.0
2Hector Flores JrTXB8bye1.54
C2 1781126581921.01.5
3Charles R DavisTXW9B11.05
C2 1621125614071.01.0
4Adrien LozanoTXB10W112.03
5David Pacheco IIITXW1B91.06
C3 1535137319910.01.0
6James BulgerTXB12W72.02
C3 1446155859881.02.0
7John H Graw JrTXbyeB60.59
C3 1446124544840.50.5
8Aadhi KannanTXW2B101.08
9Steven DahlstromTXB3W50.011
10Wallace B ShortTXW4W80.010
C3 908122288200.00.0
11Scott A GoeldnerTXbyeB41.07
Recent Pairings Individual Standings
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