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See the following table for your section. Players are sorted by their ratings with withdrawn players intermingled. Each row shows a player's information, colors/opponents & cumulative results for each round, total score, and place. Note that the current (partial) round is shown but it is not included in the total and place.

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Wall Chart: Open: Round 3 (not final): MHCC August 2018
#Name/Rtng USCFSt/TeamRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Tot 3Plc 3
1Jesse James LozanoTXbyeW8B132.54
NM 2235129370110.51.52.5
2John Paul HyltinTXW14bye--0.524
CM 2039103992890.00.50.5
3Mark HardenTXB15byeW52.07
C1 1942103998911.02.02.0
4Martin GordonTXW16B11W93.01
C1 1878124063321.02.03.0
5Vineet Ravoori [UNPAID]TXB18W12B33.02
C3 1851133777971.02.03.0
6Hector Flores JrTXW20B17W102.53
C2 1796126581920.51.52.5
7Mitchell Alexander FabianTXbyeW19B201.513
C3 1714135352550.50.51.5
8Charles R DavisTXbyeB1W171.020
C2 1648125614070.50.51.0
9Juan Carrizales JrTXB21W14B42.06
C2 1642126209821.02.02.0
10Jaime EstradaTXW22byeB61.514
C2 1634126256741.01.51.5
11Delbert Tal AreaTXB23W4B191.016
C2 1600124997401.01.01.0
12Kevin Leong FongTXW24B5W161.510
C4 1578160706631.01.01.5
13Ross Evan JohnsonTXB25byeW11.512
C3 1568127559681.01.51.5
14Adrien LozanoTXB2B9W182.08
15David Pacheco IIITXW3X20B252.09
C3 1490137319910.01.02.0
16James BulgerTXB4W23B121.511
C3 1445155859880.01.01.5
17Don DuganTXbyeW6B81.019
C4 1400125758880.50.51.0
18Justin Ralph Baldovino GuerraTXW5B24B141.017
19Ayre SealsTXbyeB7W112.55
20Timothy Joseph AmenTXB6F15W70.521
21John Francis BoldwayTXW9byeB221.515
22Raymond CaiTXB10W25W210.025
23Wallace B ShortTXW11B16W240.522
C3 931122288200.00.00.5
24Scott A GoeldnerTXB12W18B230.523
25Joel Adrian SalinasTXW13B22W151.018
Recent Pairings Individual Standings
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