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See the following table for your section. Players are sorted by their current standings after the given round. Each row shows a player's information, results for each round, total score, tiebreak values, and pairing number (rating order). Tiebreaks (TB) are calculated to determine the first among equals, essentially who had the hardest opponents. Tiebreaks are needed only for indivisible prizes like trophies; money prizes are split. Swiss System tournaments with tiebreaks use M = Modified median, S = Solkoff, C = Cumulative score, O = Opposition's cumulative score, and Z = coin flip (random number), in that order. The first four are standard USCF tie breaks without using speed playoff games, but playoff games are often used among perfect scores. If the standard tiebreaks fail to break the tie, then either Random (Z) is used in the last round or pairing number (random) is used before the last round. For more details on these tiebreak methods, see

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Standings: Open: Round 3 (not final round): MHCC August 2018
#NameSGrUSCFRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Tot 3TB MTB STB CTB OPairTB Z
1Martin GordonM124063321878W11W16W63.
2Vineet Ravoori [UNPAID]M133777971851W17W10W73.
3Hector Flores JrM126581921796D21W19W142.
4NM Jesse James LozanoM129370112235H-W20W122.
5Ayre SealsF5161193461326H-W13W162.
6Juan Carrizales JrM126209821642W15W8L12.
7Mark HardenM103998911942W9B-L22.
8Adrien LozanoF137323281513W24L6W172.
9David Pacheco IIIM137319911490L7X21W182.
10Kevin Leong FongM5160706631578W23L2D111.
11James BulgerM155859881445L1W22D101.
12Ross Evan JohnsonM127559681568W18H-L41.
13Mitchell Alexander FabianM135352551714H-L5W211.
14Jaime EstradaM126256741634W25H-L31.
15John Francis BoldwayM125942871295L6H-W251.
16Delbert Tal AreaM124997401600W22L1L51.
17Justin Ralph Baldovino GuerraM129122971400L2W23L81.
18Joel Adrian SalinasM12878459831L12W25L91.
19Don DuganM125758881400H-L3D201.
20Charles R DavisM125614071648H-L4D191.
21Timothy Joseph AmenM163955621297D3F9L130.
22Wallace B ShortM12228820931L16L11D230.
23Scott A GoeldnerM12760646856L10L17D220.
24CM John Paul HyltinM103992892039L8H-U-
25Raymond CaiM4157210601258L14L18L150.
Recent Pairings Wall Chart
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